"With a varied program showing the flute in various instrumental constellations, Hélène Boulègue once more proves her incredible talent in a seemingly effortless, playful virtuosity. No less remarkable is her versatility in approaching such a mixed program."

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Supersonic Award from Pizzicato for Hélène's second album 

Hélène's debut album, recorded under the label Naxos with the French acclaimed pianist François Dumont by recording producer Marco Battistella, has been nominated in the category Chamber music for the ICMA Awards. It is the first volume of the complete flute works of French composer André Jolivet.

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Remaining concerts for the 19/20 season cancelled


Due to the pandemic, all events called off

Unfortunately, in the light of the current events, Hélène's schedule has been cleared until the beginning of the 20/21 season.